Old Stuff

Just thought I’d point out — all of this Hackmaster stuff is for Hackmaster 4E.  Alas, it’s all broken with the latest updates to PHP, and I don’t have time to fix it.

Hackmaster treasure generator: Generates treasure based on the Hackmaster Treasure Types (works well for AD&D 1st/2nd ed., too). It will do any combination of treasure types in one pass (e.g. Ax2, H, S, T), then put everything together in one big listing. All variants are automatically generated (e.g. sword type, misc. item subtypes, number of charges/doses, what spells are included on scrolls, intelligent weapon specifics and special powers for artifacts), as well as gem and art object descriptions/values, and has numerous options to tweak the results (e.g. not allowing artifacts, automatically generating polearm types, and sort options for subtypes of items). The output is bookmarkable, and you have the option of getting the results in printer-optimized HTML or proper XML (for direct database import, if that’s your thing). I haven’t fixed the CSS to work properly with a stand-alone page, so the treasure type selection page’s layout is a bit screwy, but it still works just fine.

Hackmaster gem generator: This is the gem generation part of the treasure generator, but set up for stand-alone use. You can generate any number (within reason, anyway–it will time out eventually) of gems, complete with description and value. In addition, you can set the minimum and maximum value you want for the gems created. Barring the gem value (which is only set up for Hackmaster), it’s still useful for other game systems to generate unique gems. Note: This is pretty basic. Unlike the treasure generator, the results are only available as printable HTML, and are not static–in fact, if your browser reloads the page to print it, you’ll get something different on the printout than what you see on the screen.

Hackmaster art object generator: Just like the gem generator, but for art objects. Even more useful for other game systems, since it gives you a pretty detailed description of the artwork.