Webcomics, etc.

Note for those friends who just hit the links from here — I’ve added a “stuff I used to read” section at the bottom, so links won’t just vanish.

These are in the order in which I typically read, not necessarily my order of preference — I mean, there’s some preference there, but some of the grouping is thematic or to keep multiple things by the same writer/artist/etc. together. Anything that updates less frequently than weekly goes in a lower section.

Currently reading

NSFW Comics

Infrequent Updaters

These update either randomly or at least less frequently than weekly.

Will Catch Up Eventually


Indefinite or random hiatus status, including ones which go silent for prolonged periods, burst back for a while, then wander off again.

Indefinite Hiatus List

These may actually make a comeback at some point, but don’t have nearly the activity… but the creators are still around.

Finished Stories

These are old and finished comics that are worth the read — personal favorites are marked in bold.

Stuff I Used To Read

These may or may not be still going; I just … lost interest for one reason or another. That could be writing or art going in directions I didn’t care for, extended hiatuses that I didn’t want to deal with, or maybe I just decided it wasn’t worth the time to read on the regular instead of a big burst.